More to the Story: The Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan

Taylor Harrington 4/8/2021 7:55pm EST

Brett Allan, from The Open Mic Podcast, joined us for an introspective look at his life behind the microphone. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Brett was a weekend DJ for a local Christian radio station, where he got his start in interviewing celebrities and various artists. Hosting his own podcast show now, Brett is regularly interviewing celebrities from various films and television shows.

Raising his son as a single dad, Brett still has a great relationship with his son’s mother and sees the importance in family and maintaining a joyful household. Joy is a huge part of Brett’s life, and he is especially good at connecting with individuals and getting them to recognize the joy in their own journey.

Growing up with his brother, Brett would “play radio” and record songs and pretend to be the DJ. Brett says that listening to other people’s stories has helped heal and pave his own. Listen to Brett’s story everywhere podcasts are available and subscribe to watch the interview on our YouTube Channel.

Listen to The Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan everywhere podcasts are available, and find him on Instagram: @BrettsOpenMic .