Echo of Appalachia, Spotlight: Sharell Wise, Sharell Wise Photography


Sharell Wise is an Athens, Ohio-based photographer, specializing in capturing milestones in your life.

By Taylor Harrington 2/16/2021 2:37pm ET

Athens, Ohio is a small town tucked in the foothills of Appalachia, its claim to fame being Ohio University and its famous (some would say infamous) Halloween Party on Court Street.

Originally from the Savannah, Georgia area, Sharell Arocho-Wise is known throughout Athens for her amazing voice, as she is often asked to sing for the university and other events in town, but most of all Sharell is known for her kindness.

With her attention to detail and her entrepreneurial drive, Sharell went into business and founded Sharell Wise Photography. She specializes in truly capturing the emotions of the subject she is shooting, and I even had the pleasure of working with Sharell for an editorial shoot for Confessional Magazine, as well as some others that were just for fun. Working with Sharell was so easy, I was honestly laughing the entire shoot, and the turn-around time was phenomenal.

If you are ever in the Athens, Ohio area and want the best picture experience possible, I definitely recommend reaching out to Sharell, who is always happy to tell your story through pictures.
Sharell Wise Photography is a black-owned/female-owned business which is incredible in its own right, but Sharell is doing this in Appalachia where that is almost a rarity.

We are so proud to call Sharell a friend, so happy to see her business growing, and so honored to have her work with us on shoots for the magazine.

I reached out to a few of Sharells clients and customers, and it was no suprise what they had to say:

“My daughter is a bit camera shy and Sharell worked to set up a photo session with her that would both make her feel comfortable and also build her confidence… the end result was a set of graduation pictures we both love and that my daughter is happy to share with her friends. Sharell also did a photoshoot of a group of four girlfriends- they had so much fun on the shoot and the pictures captured that perfectly!” Julie White
“Sharell was flexible, energetic & PATIENT! I emphasized patient because patience is a must when trying to get 5 children to smile and cooperate at the same time! It was a fun experience!” Talisha Kisner

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