Scotty Berg: More to the Story

Taylor Harrington 6/10/2021 6:47pm EST

Scotty Berg is a fourteen-year-old Canadian heartthrob singer-songwriter who at such a young age is already making waves across the music industry. Berg is wise beyond his years and knows the power that connecting with his audience can make, and is bringing the mental health conversation to the table with his single, “It Ain’t Over”. This is only the beginning for this talented young musician.

Hello, everybody, welcome to Confessional Magazine and we are here today with the wonderful Scotty Berg, thank you so much for being here today, Scotty!

Thanks for having me. It’s an honor.

Of course. Scotty is a very talented musician, singer-songwriter out of I believe Canada?

Yeah, I was born and raised in Canada.

Are you are you still in Canada right now?

I am. Kelowna, British Columbia.

Nice. So Scotty, how old are you?

I’m fourteen.

Fourteen years old and already really making moves in the music world. When was the first time that you realized you have this musical talent and the music within you?

When I was about two I was just singing around my house, and my mom and dad were like, “Oh, you’ve got something there.” So then I just kept singing and I would always sing “Oh, Canada” and “Happy Birthday”. When I was about nine I told my mom and dad I want to go into music lessons. That’s where my career just took off. I just did music lessons for like, two years…well, I’m still in them, but yeah, that’s where it kind of started.

Were your music lessons mainly just vocal or were you also picking up the guitar or piano at a young age?

Last year I learned the piano and recently this year I started learning the guitar.

Good for you. Were you involved in the actual writing of the music and the words for “It Ain’t Over” or what was the collaboration like to bring this song to life?

I started writing about it last year, and since COVID and stuff, it’s just about lifting each other up during dark times. A lot of people have bad mental health issues, so it’s kind of just really about saying over “it ain’t over”.

That is such an important topic to be getting out there right now because like you said, so many people do struggle with it, and maybe aren’t comfortable talking about it. People can always, always, always look to music for something to relate to, so it’s a gift that you’re giving people with this song. How can people find your music, Scotty?

I have an Instagram and TikTok. My new song is out on Spotify, Apple Music iTunes, and all of the massive streaming platforms. I’m on Facebook too.

What are some dream venues that you would love to perform at?

Ah, probably just packed stadiums. That’d be really cool.

Have you done a lot of live performences?

Before COVID I sang at a lot of hockey games. My music school thing does rock shows, so there’s 15 songs, and I got a song on that. Then I’ve also sang at a bunch of baseball games and a bunch of wineries around town.

I can’t imagine being the age I am now and walking out with such confidence to be able to perform like that. What’s your pre-performance routine? How do you get out there and just give it your all?

Well, I usually just get butterflies. I was telling my dad and mom about it and they’re just like, “It means you care”. When I get out on stage I just sing my songs and have fun.

Do you have anything on your schedule coming up?

I am actually going to Nashville next Friday with Circle 11 Entertainment. I’m going to be with Grammy nominated artists and producers and make some new material.

Good for you, Scotty. How stoked are you?

It is kind of surreal, but it’s really cool. It’s exciting!

In the next five years where do you see yourself in both the performing world and your personal life?

That’s a tough one. In my music career, I would like to release a bunch of albums, and maybe go on a world tour. In my personal life, I’d like to maybe travel around the world too. That’d be cool.

Who would you say are your musical influences that you grew up listening to, or that you would stylize your music towards a little bit?

Probably Justin Bieber. He’s just a really amazing artist and he’s kind of a good role model to go off of.

Is there any word of advice that you would give to another young singer that is just looking to do this, but maybe doesn’t have the courage to get out there and perform in front of someone yet?

I would say: just gain confidence. Start small and go big.

That’s great advice. Start small and go big.

Originally from Edison, New Jersey, Taylor won the 2005 “Middlesex County Caring Award”, and hasn’t stopped caring since. When she is not writing or hosting More to the Story, Taylor can be found chasing her two mutts around Athens, Ohio where she currently resides with her husband. Moving to Appalachia has made a huge impact on her life, and she can’t wait to share some of her stories, laughs, and (mis)adventures with you!

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