Peter Madrigal: More to the Story

Taylor Harrington 6/6/2021 12:17pm EST

We caught back up with our friend Peter Madrigal, and the conversation is as wild as an episode of Vanderpump Rules. We chat all things Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, the new cast, old friendships, the NFL, movies, and more!

We’re here today with the one and only Peter Madrigal. We all know Peter from Vanderpump Rules and can’t wait to catch up with him a little bit. What have you been up to throughout quarantine, Peter?

Quarantine as they call it. I never stopped working or working out. Of course you have your lapses here and there, but I never stopped with my diet and my working out. The one thing that I did notice though, is that I just got back in an actual gym for the first time in almost a year and my body is kind of feeling really exhausted. All I did for a year was cardio, so lifting heavy weights, my weight or more than my weight, it does take a toll on you and you feel it. You’re like, wow, now I really see what I was doing to myself for years. You take your health for granted and then all of a sudden you get back into it, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God. What have I been doing to myself all this time?’

That is so true! We all can take our health for granted but have the ability to get back into it.

Exactly. So you know, that’s been one of my things. Another thing that I started doing recently, is I started going to Caesar’s Palace. I’m like a Caesar’s affiliate, so I do a Caesar vlog. I haven’t been back as much because SUR has been open, but it was getting to be about once a month or once every two months that I would go, but now I haven’t been back since April. I’m planning on going for my birthday in June, but yeah, that’s something else that I’ve been doing, going to Caesar’s in Las Vegas and reviewing some of their awesome spots. Everybody reading this right now, go to Caesar’s Palace! It’s the best place on the strip to stay!

What’s your favorite spot when you’re at Caesars and you’re spending a day there?

I love the VISTA Lounge, and of course Vanderpump Vegas, duh! They also own the Flamingo right across the street, Caesars does, so they’re taking over a lot of the the spots there. Bugsy and Meyers is also a really awesome lounge restaurant to go to they have amazing food and amazing drinks. Talk to Laura if she’s still one of the bartenders there, she can make you some fantastic cocktails. It’s amazing, and they have a nice little speakeasy backroom there. Yeah, those are the spots to hit up. I’ll have a whole new list of places to go after my next trip.

So with Vanderpump Vegas Cocktail Garden opening up, how often would you say Lisa (Vanderpump) gets out there?

I think she’s out there at least twice a month. Every time I open up my Instagram it’s like Lisa’s over there in Vegas.

Hey, it’s not a long flight!

It’s not. It’s about an hour long flight.

So, Peter, what has been going on in the Vanderpump Rules world?Did all the firings from Bravo and everything affect your daily routine because you’re actually managing at SUR?

I’ve been managing there since 2010, and I’ve been there since 2008. I started as a busser. Now I’m here. I’ll tell you what the difference is. The difference is that when I started working here, I started as a busser fresh out of college. It was someone’s job to tell me what to do, and that someone was, for example, Kristen Doute. Then I kept going up and up and up, and eventually I was on her level, because I already knew how to bartend by the time I got to SUR. I always had that mentality of ‘work hard and you’ll get to the next level’. Once I became managerial status, it was hard for me to tell people what to do. You know what I mean? It’s like one of those things like, ‘Oh, come up here. You want to polish glasses?’ It was a very different experience, because you’re having to manage people that you are friends with, and after work it was like, ‘Let’s go drink at Tom Sandoval’s spot’. I would get my report done, give it to JP, who was the original manager there, and head off to Tom Sandovals. After I became management, that hardly ever happened. Now, it’s like the new people (at SUR) don’t know me like that and we’re not actually friends, you know what I mean? The new people coming in, it’s all like, “Get your roll ups done.” “But Peter…” “You’re not leaving until you get it done.” If you leave without getting them done, you’re getting reprimanded. I don’t care. They don’t know me.

What’s the difference from a day at SUR when there’s filming going on and a day when there aren’t any cameras? Is Scheana actually having people make requests for extra ranch?

Nothing is different. It’s completely the same. Ranch requests? I’m at SUR tonight and expecting extra ranch requests!

I love it. Are the goat cheese balls as good as the rumors say they are?

Phenomenal. The goat cheese balls are the most popular dish item on the menu. A lot of times I can literally go to a table and read their minds. You know what I mean? They’re like, ‘Oh, Peter, you’re serving us. Wow’, and I’m like, ‘Okay, so what would you like for an appetizer? Let me guess. Goat cheese balls?’ ‘How did you know?’ It’s like I’m psychic.

Really impressing people there! We’re going to get a little more personal here. Peter, are you dating anyone right now?

I’m perpetually single, but I date around. All you ladies out there, if you’re interested, you can slide into those DMs.

Always open and available! So, what are you doing on your perfect day?

God, I’m such a workaholic, man. It used to be ‘I’m gonna get up. I’m going to do a little bit of work. I’m going to work out, do a little bit of work on my own personal stuff, and then probably go to The Grove and grab a drink, grab a cocktail, chill, and then probably go on a date or something. Now, I’ve become such a workaholic. Now I get up, I get my coffee. I work, I work out, I get my coffee. I start my day. I’m like, ‘Okay, what needs to be done? My entire daily planner is full of just inkblots, because I’m just constantly marking stuff down. It’s no longer including The Grove because I used to live right next to it, but I don’t even go down there at this point. It’s been a minute, you know? So um, that’s my perfect day. My perfect day is work, work, work, commit, and maybe a date at the end of the day. at the end of the night or something. I’m very singularly focused on what I’m doing with my life.

Where can people find you on social media?

Have you have you subscribed to Madrigal at The Movies with Rob and Rob?

I have, and that has been around for a while now. You do YouTube Live events too, right?

I do Social Happy Hour on YouTube. On Social Happy Hour I only require one thing, and that is that you drink a cocktail. We’re gonna talk about anything that you talk about during happy hour. Whenever you’re at happy hour, you can be talking about anything or nothing. The only thing I don’t talk about is religion or politics. We just got done with with Motivation May, so last night was an episode about positivity and the power of positive thinking, but it evolves into different topics. When you’re just drinking, you get going, you start talking about stuff, and it just kind of tails off into something totally different. Madrigal at The Movies is where we we talk about movies or how we would fix movies. I will never get done with all the movies. That’s a challenge, though. One of my other favorite things to watch and something that I have attended many times in the past and can’t wait to attend in the future is the NFL. National Football League. I am a football fanatic.

Who is your team?

My team is the Las Vegas Raiders. I’ve been a Raiders fan since I was a kid. When the Rams came to town I became a Los Angeles Rams fan, which works perfectly because one is in the NFC and one is in the AFC, so I’m good.

Yeah, you don’t have to ever butt-heads with yourself.

Yeah, exactly. Unless they play each other. In that case, I am cheering for the Raiders.

Okay, so, as such a huge football fan, what advice would you give to my husband who is a Browns fan?

Oh, he’s a Browns fan. I wouldn’t be giving him advice, I’d be giving him words of encouragement. I’d be saying Shake and Bake is the real deal. Baker Mayfield, that’s not the general consensus amongst pundits in the in ESPN, but I want to start my own podcast about the NFL as well. I’m hitting up Caesars Palace too, because they have just signed an exclusive deal with the NFL for betting, so I want to do a podcast with them. I kind of know a little bit more than the usual people. I just watched some of these guys more seriously. The one thing about Baker Mayfield is that he likes being on the edge. That’s the way he’s always been throughout his career, whether he was in Oklahoma or in Cleveland, that’s how he operates. So if you keep him on that edge, he stays on that edge. He keeps feeling dangerous. So the one thing I will tell your husband, he’s a Cleveland Browns fan. You guys got a hell of a team.

I actually live in Athens, Ohio, which is where Joe burrow is from.

Joe burrow, Joey B! The King of the Queen City. That guy, that’s another one. That guy is gonna be good too. There are some good quarterbacks in the new NFL right now. For the past 20 years it was Big Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, you had of course, Thomas Edward, Patrick Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning. You can go down the list. Then before that it was Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Joe Montana– I can go down the list on that too, Vinny Testaverde, but I’m just gonna stop.

We’ll just pull up that encyclopedia of NFL players.

Exactly. Every generation has had a multitude of really good quarterbacks. The Cleveland Browns hit the jackpot with Kevin Stefanski. I’m not gonna say the same thing about Zac Taylor. I don’t understand how you call a pass play that got Joe Burrow hurt on the 20 yard line. You’re going down the field, give the ball to somebody.

Joe Burrow’s story is really cool with him winning the Heisman, too. I don’t know if you know, but his speech ended up, people donated, I think over a million dollars to the food bank in our town because we’re in Appalachia. That’s the power of word, and it’s just so cool. He’s a cool guy.

There are certain players I’m a big fan of, you know?

Yeah. So Peter, what else do you have going on in your life that you just want to share with us?

Right now I am of course still working on Celebrity Slots. So you just go download that it’s on Google Phone or the iPhone. So check that out. You can win money or win prizes like this candle, and it’s really fun. You can win like five grand right now. Then of course, I have Madrigal at The Movies on Spotify, Pandora, all those places you can get your podcasts. We talk about some of your favorite movies and you can also give us suggestions as far as which movie you would like for us to review next. I always like to take suggestions from everybody. Every Wednesday we have Social Happy Hour, you can check us out by just typing in, it will take you directly to to our YouTube page. We just talk about anything you would talk about during happy hour, the only thing that you need to bring is a drink because we’re going to be drinking with you and playing drinking games.

You can find all these on podcast forums and YouTube. Peter is everywhere and of course on Instagram.

Go check out my website as well at, and you can also look at my shop on my Instagram. Just click on ‘View Shop’, and bam, you’ll be right there and I sell hair products, candles, and I have the ‘My Face’ pillowcase so you can literally go to sleep with me. I’m gonna be coming out with some amazing new products very soon.

I love this so much, and I’m grateful that you took the time to sit down with us today. We will continue following your journey and wish you the best.

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