More to the Story: Michael Angelo Zervos

Taylor Harrington 4/8/2021 4:11pm EST

Originally from Michigan, we sat down with producer, writer, and director Michael Angelo Zervos. Zervos is known for his work on projects such as Wolf Who Cried Boy, Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon, and Mind Your Business. Calling in from Atlanta where he currently resides, the producer shares with us his journey from Michigan to LA, to Atlanta, and beyond.

Growing up in an immigrant household, Zervos tells us he fell in love with movies at a young age and was always enthralled by the magic in the idea of the man behind the curtain. His success was almost never met as he had originally gone to school for business and was planning to join his family’s insurance company. Zervos’s passion and calling for the film industry was too strong and so he returned to college for film and soon became the youngest film director to win incentives in the state of Michigan.

He wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film, which, unfortunately, due to unforeseen post-production troubles, remains unseen. Although the film never met an audience, Zervos says that he met many of his colleagues that opened other doors to new projects while working on that film.

“Film is very much a band of brothers, an artistic battle. Finding collaborators that believe in the story and vision of the director is key. As the producer, you are shepherding the entire thing. Making a movie is 100 small miracles, for which the director takes credit.”

Zervos says he likes to make calculated “yeses” when it comes to the projects he chooses and has to wholeheartedly believe in a project before he does it. He is currently working on a documentary that he says speaks to the times up today, and we are excited to find out who it is about, as all he can tell us right now is that it is the story of a musician we will all know.

The joy and passion Zervos has for his craft is unmatched. Follow Michael Angelo Zervos to stay up to date on all of his projects and adventures on Instagram at MaZervos. To watch the full interview, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, or listen everywhere podcasts are available.

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