Heather Chupka 2/5/21 7:00am ET

Three simple steps for a more positive, purposeful start to your day!

1. GRATITUDE! Write in a journal, google motivational quotes, speak positive affirmations into your mirror, meditate, whatever feels good for you to express gratitude for all that you have!! 
2. HYDRATE! Something I know so many struggle with is drinking enough water! If you make it your focus to drink a bottle of water, try to get in 16oz (maybe even more!) before you do anything else for the day. You will feel vital, clear headed, and refreshed!! 
3. MOVE! Do something to honor your body, Whether it’s a walk, yoga, a cardio dance class or and intense weight lifting program. Moving your body, getting blood flowing, adrenaline pumping, and blissing out in sweat is a sure way to release endorphins and give you a feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning!  

Start your day by shifting your mindset into gratitude + self care, all with your health + wellness in mind!! 

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Heather is a New Jersey wife, mom, health coach, and motivational speaker.