Ladi Rosa: More to the Story

Taylor Harrington 5/18/2021 7:14pm EST

Latin-pop artist and singer-songwriter Ladi Rosa made her debut with her single “Ain’t No Taylor Swift”, hitting the Billboard charts and gaining her recognition in the alt-pop world. Rosa has a unique way of telling stories through her music and is set to release her next single, “Personal Space”, in the coming days. 

I’m here today with the beautiful and wonderfully talented Ladi Rosa. Where did you grow up, Ladi?

Ladi Rosa: My family is originally from Puerto Rico and I was born in Connecticut. Within a year, I moved down here to Florida with my family.

In the music industry, how did you first recognize that this is the path for your future? That this talent isn’t just a hobby?

Ladi Rosa: Oh, it really started in my eighth-grade year, I want to say I was like, 13/14 years old. At the time, there was a mini-performance at my school that I had only gone to for extra credit points because my teacher was hosting it. I believe was either my teacher or my mom who told me to go sing on stage. I would sing a little bit in the classroom, but like, nothing too serious, just little notes here and there. I went on stage and performed, and my mom had recorded it and put it on YouTube, and that’s really how it all started.

How did you get your music out there after your mom put the initial video on YouTube?

Ladi Rosa: My mom signed me up for this organization called “Vocal Star”, so that’s when you basically audition, and you get selected or you don’t get selected. Thankfully, I was selected. I was part of the few, and we have been flown out to LA where we had a whole week of just vocal training, different warm-ups, everything we have afforded, write I want to say to one or two songs, and we got to meet really good influencers in the business. In the process, we also were able to sing in front of a good amount of producers, I want to say 20 to 25. I was one of the people who got called out a lot by different producers and I’m very thankful for that. That’s basically how I met my managers and where it all started.

Did you write “Ain’t No Taylor Swift” on your own?

Ladi Rosa: I have written and co-branded with Cody Longo and C Rod, and I believe Jeff was there as well. It was a team effort. It was mostly based on my feelings and how I viewed things two years ago.

Absolutely, can you share some of the lyrics with us?

Ladi Rosa: So when I say, “I ain’t no Taylor Swift”, I mean that I’m not who everyone always wants me to be, you know? Taylor Swift, is such an icon and she’s beautiful, but some people aren’t like that. I’m personally not like that. I would say I have a completely opposite personality from Taylor Swift. The song is about being confident in who you are as a person.

That’s great because so many people can relate to that and not being able to fit in, especially at the age you were when you were writing this. You can’t sugarcoat the awkward years. What can we can look forward to you putting out this year?

Ladi Rosa: I’m currently releasing a new single called “Personal Space”, it drops in May, and it’s going to be available on all platforms like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. I’m really excited for it. There’s also a new music video coming along with the song itself dropping on the same day, so that’s what’s recently going on. I also have other projects that I’m gonna release eventually, but right now we’re just really focusing on “Personal Space”.

What can you tell us about “Personal Space”?

Ladi Rosa: It’s a lovey dovey song. This song shows how I want my relationships to be in the future. I recently got out of a relationship of two years, so it’s just basically saying, how I want my partner to be there emotionally, physically, and mentally. I don’t want you sitting next to me, talking to me, enjoying your time with me, but mentally you’re somewhere else. It’s just really saying that you don’t need to always be by yourself. You can always come in my personal space and just vibe with me. I’m not going to say that a lot of other artists my age don’t really cover the topics of really emotional music because there are many artists that do, it’s just that they don’t really get into the one factor that everyone can actually relate to- personal space- that one point where you feel like you just really need that person to be there.

So how can people find you and follow your music?

Ladi Rosa: My Instagram name is @iamLadiRosa, and I’m on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and I believe SoundCloud as well. I just want to give a thank you for everyone who’s really just like interested in my music and really wanting to get to know me like, I really appreciate it. Like I can’t believe just like actually happening like, I’ve never like imagined that I would actually like have interviews and like people are actually interested in my music. So I just wanted to thank everyone for this really like supporting me throughout this whole thing.

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