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Katie Colosimo

Taylor Harrington 2/21/2021 3:52pm ET

Yinzer gone Nashville recording artist Katie Colosimo is a singer-songwriter that got her start on The Voice. Since her time on the show she has put out a song every month for an entire year and is working on her new EP. Katie is always involved with giving back to others, recognizing that her voice is a gift that she gets to share with the world.

When venues are open, Katie can often be found performing all over Nashville. With her powerhouse vocals and heart of giving, Katie Colosimo is an artist we will be watching closely.

How did you get started in the music industry, Katie?

Oh, man, it’s a little bit of a wild ride because I feel like I’m not just doing my own artistry, but I’ve been singing on stage and doing background vocals and writing for as long as I can remember. I guess my initial start was when I did The Voice in what was it, 2016? I didn’t make it past the blind episodes, but I realized I wanted to pursue being my own artist and writing my own songs. I kind of wear multiple hats because I feel like no one is going to invest in me if I don’t invest in myself. It sounds like a very cheesy self-help book, but there it is.

I had gone to Belmont University which brought me down to Nashville. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, yeah, yeah, Go Steelers. I always say home is wherever my dad is yelling at the Steelers. Coming down from Pittsburgh to Nashville, for Belmont, I made a lot of connections with other musicians and I did a lot of collaborations. I met a lot of producers and photographers there, just a lot of the people that I ended up working with. At that time I was saying, let’s just do let’s do this independently for as long as I can. I decided to release a song every month last year, and that kind of catapulted me into the music industry as I know it as an artist. This last year I was going to be doing a lot of performing and singing live events, but obviously, that hasn’t happened.

When you put out a song every month, were they all originals?

Some of them were original and some of them were covers or mashups. I was also doing music videos and acoustic videos for the songs I had already released because I slowly started to realize that if you don’t promote your own music, it just sits there stagnant. It was such a great learning experience for me because I am such a planner. I am such an organizer, but there’s so much you learn by just throwing yourself into the mix of everything, and so I feel like my perspective has definitely changed.

What was your experience like on The Voice?

Miley (Cyrus) was fantastic. I really, really enjoyed Miley. Alicia Keys is like an angel, there’s this halo around her. Blake Shelton was super nice, and Adam Levine was nice but he had some pretty harsh criticism for me on national television, but like, I’m not bitter about it anymore.

He said that you were too emotional or something like that, right? You don’t tell a woman that they’re too emotional, Adam.

I think I honestly know what he meant to say, which is that my nervousness was showing. Back then I was like, oh, yeah, this is my shot, this is my chance, and I was nervous. I just thought I was king of the crop and now when I look back on that I think, oh, my gosh, you’re so silly. I had experience, but I was not ready for it. I think Adam saw that and didn’t say it in the best way possible, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

It was supposed to be a performing year for you, but everything has been shut down. Have you been doing any virtual shows?

I think the only virtual concert that I have been a part of is with Timothy’s Gift. They’re a nonprofit organization that goes into prisons and we perform concerts for inmates around the holidays, just so they do not feel forgotten. We were unable to put on the show in-person this year, so we did a DVD of our concert performance.

I think that this year has been different for a lot of artists. I know a lot of people who have loved doing a lot the live-stream performances, but I also know a lot of people who have just really doubled down and started writing. I think that’s kind of where my head’s been this past year. I’m trying to release an EP or something in 2021.

I loved the lyric video for your song “LML”, can you tell us about that?

It was one of my friends, he’s a bass player that plays downtown on Broadway with me. He was just trying videography and I needed a lyric video so we got together on a Saturday morning. Prior to that Saturday morning, I had baked so many cakes, so I just said, let’s pretend we’re making a cake. I don’t even know, but it was a lot of fun.

What is your plan for the EP you are working on?

I’m writing an EP and I’m not sure what my release plan will be, but it will be different from what I did last year for sure. I am definitely going to release something in late winter or early spring, but I would like for it to be an EP versus doing a single.

I think that for so many people, you know, they have their art and they put it out there and that’s it, it stays there. I really appreciate speaking with you today and you providing a platform that allows me and other artists to talk about the work that we’ve done and really get it to as many people as possible.

I also do online vocal coaching and people can find me on my website, I have music everywhere you can find it and my Instagram is @ktcmusic.

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