More to the Story, Artist to Watch: Dummy

Taylor Harrington 4/12/2021 10:35am EST

Hailing from Central New Jersey, post-punk band Dummy has the sound of a group that has been together far beyond their time. Forming at the beginning of the pandemic as the world shut down, Dummy went to work.

The collaboration of these five young musicians has created a sound that is sure to sell out concert halls and headline major music festivals. Their recently released single “Suddenly” will send shockwaves through the stereo and get you on your feet.

When asked how they came up with their name, the quintet says,

“We had a couple of demos and Ben named them ‘Dummy 1’ or ‘Dummy 10’ as sort of a placeholder and it stuck. It’s about being able to talk to your younger self. I think everyone has that one thing they sit up at night and think about like, ‘oh, you dummy.’ “

Dummy is made up of vocalist and guitarist Ben, Carlee on the rhythm guitar, Jeff on the guitar, Matt on the keyboard, Chris on the drums, and best friend Bosco the Dog, who really is a showstopper. Ben knew Carlee from High School and met Chris and Matt, who are brothers, in the metal scene, and from there they added guitarist Jeff, and Dummy was formed.

“Even though we all knew each other, our influences are all different, so when we come together we all bring something that maybe the other person hadn’t thought of.”

The world is ready for a sound like this, and the group of self-proclaimed “Dummies” can’t wait to hit the stage for their debut live performance.

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