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By Taylor Harrington 2/16/2021 1:47pm ET

“Crystal was my favorite guest out of the whole entire season… actually, she is my favorite guest I’ve ever had on a yacht throughout my entire career. I genuinely was so excited and touched when she gifted me the crystals. I still have them!”

– jessica more, below deck mediteRranean

We first met Crystal Foote when she was the main charter guest on Bravo TV Network’s Below Deck Mediterranean. Crystal and her husband Sean, along with their group of friends known as the Southside Crew, quickly became the most memorable guests in Below Deck Med history, simply from being their kind and genuine selves.

What viewers did not know is that Crystal actually owns a crystal shop, Crystals by Crystal, and gifted crystal sets to the whole crew, including Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, who has since followed her heart and is manifesting her best life with her baby and fiancé in Australia. Hannah says, “Crystal is such a kind and giving person. She was one of the loveliest charter guests I looked after and could tell almost immediately she had a very kind soul.”

Also part of the crew that received crystal sets were Below Deck Med stars Alex Radcliffe and Jessica More.

When contacted about Crystal Foote Alex says, “All I can say is Crystal is a genuine person who really cares about everyone in the crew. She made everyone so comfortable that you almost forgot that she was a charter guest because she talked to you like a friend. I hope her shop is a huge success because she is an incredible person.”

Jessica shared the same admiration for Crystal and says, “Crystal was my favorite guest out of the whole entire season… actually, she is my favorite guest I’ve ever had on a yacht throughout my entire career. I genuinely was so excited and touched when she gifted me the crystals. I still have them!”

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Crystal sent me some self-confidence crystals after our last meeting, but we never actually had the opportunity to chat about her deeper meaning behind all of this. Can you tell us some of your background and what your journey with crystals has been?

I’ve been doing metaphysical work really all of my life. It’s been passed down from generation to generation. I got a lot of tips, tricks, and just insight from my grandmother. My father’s side from Southern Virginia is very spiritual, religious as well, but very spiritual. Typically, you only have one belief system but the two mixed, not so much. You’re either really spiritual and kind of hippie-like, or you’re religious, but my grandma had a blend of both and I love that because you can’t really create unless you believe in The Creator.

So, I started there and then my journey over the years, I just kept finding out more things about it on my own. My grandmother never had crystals, that was more my thing because when I would meditate, I would feel naked and then my mind would start to drift in thinking about what’s for dinner, what am I going to wear tomorrow? What do I have to do for work?, things like that. The crystals really made me feel stable, I would stay and grounded, so I could really focus on what I wanted to manifest.

Since then I started giving out crystals and my friend was like, “You should start doing this as a business.” I never thought about that before because it’s always been a passion for me, not a business. It’s not for me to get rich or anything like that, it is really to help other people who also want to learn how to meditate and manifest, to have things with them, like crystals, to ground them.

After you sent me a set, I put the crystals right by the front door of my house. I need that reminder when I’m coming home as well as when I’m leaving for work in the morning.

Before I had my store, I would go to brick and mortar metaphysical stores in the local Atlanta area and I would just really let the room guide me to what I wanted, or what I needed. I know that sounds kind of crazy and cheesy, but I would literally walk into the store and I would meditate, and say, send me to the crystal that I need the most, and it would lead me to a love crystal or something. I’m married, and people usually think a love crystal means that you’re looking for a new love in your life but no, sometimes that just means self-love, you know? Sometimes that means restoring friendships. Crystals have energies within them that align with your purpose and that are aligned with what you want to achieve in life.

Crystal Foote

I would recommend to anyone that goes onto the website to take your time, don’t rush. It’s a website, we don’t have any kind of closing hours. Really enjoy being on there and looking at the descriptions and then pick what you believe your heart is leading you to.

What can you tell me about the self-confidence crytals that you sent me?

This year has been very interesting. I’m using the word interesting because it’s thrown a curveball for a lot of things whether it’s home life or your career, a lot of times, we don’t see the positive outlook of “what’s going to happen after this”. We can get really stuck in a dark place and when this first happens, I’m still human, I’m not a fairy, I’m not a saint, so when this first happened, having a family and having a business, it really took a toll for a second on me because I was like, Whoa, what’s happening? I really have to say, okay, Crystal, take a deep breath and take a step back. So I removed myself, I went to my car because no one else can follow me there, and I prayed, and then I meditated on that. What came to me was “Crystal, this is a time to relax, this is a time to really protect yourself, protect your family, and do something creative.” So I really needed to take a step back and get a love crystal, just so I can meditate on self-love, so I can feel more confident as well. I feel a lot better after doing that, so anytime you’re going through something that is totally new to you in life, which we all will go through something, take a step back. Your emotions and your mind are two things that are very powerful that we need to have more control over because if not then we’re going to get hurt, right? It hurts mentally, it hurts physically, and so just take a step back.

The crystals I gave to you are to hold right in your hand, or you can put them on your body, and to close your eyes and take a minute of your day, I would say every day, to meditate on that. One thing I like to do when I wake up in the morning, is I give gratitude. When you give gratitude for the things that you have, everything feels really good. I give gratitude that we have our health, that we have a house, that we’re employed, we have a job. Gratitude, whether it’s little things like  “thank you for the ice cream yesterday, probably shouldn’t have eaten ice cream, but thank you for it”. Then I like to really visualize the type of day I want, the type of future I want, and it’s so much fun because it has so much power in visualization to say, “Alright, today’s going to be an amazing day, I am going to be happy.” You know, make sure that you align your emotions with what you want.

Even if things don’t happen in the way I thought they were going to, I still have gratitude and I say, thank goodness, something better is gonna come my way, and 100% of the time it happens that way. Great things happen. It’s all about reprogramming your mindset.

Crystal Foote

How can people can people find your website?

It’s, and you can go on there and you’ll find crystal sets and you’ll find crystals that are more-so for larger manifestation projects. You even have things like sage in some of the packages. I have a lot of things that help you to really just have that self-care and take time out of your day to focus on what you want in the present and in the future. On our website, we even have a quiz so if you’re not really sure what you want, you can take the quiz and you can fill in the different options. Maybe you want love or you want financial gain or something, right? So you put those responses in and then what comes out is a result that makes sure you have the crystal set that has a stone in it that represents what you want. A lot of times people go on there and they’re like, “I want everything. I don’t know where to start and I can’t buy everything all at one time.” I would say to follow your heart.

I think that creativity is a gift from God. A lot of things are made because of creativity, new inventions, innovations are happening that ten years ago we didn’t even think were possible. Being able to be open and to be positive and receive that kind of message and to love people is what it’s all about. We’re on this earth to love people and nothing good will happen if we continue to hate each other. If you are loving people and treating them like you want to be treated, you know: the golden rule, you will be blessed and positive things will come into your life all the time.

I consider you a gift in the way you’ve come into my life, Crystal, and I really appreciate you being open to talking and sharing your message. To learn more about Crystal’s story you can watch the full interview below, or check out her website and Use Code: CONFESSIONALMAGAZINE at checkout for 15% off at