Priscilla Kavanaugh: The Boss Behind Bonjour, Boss

Taylor Harrington 6/2/2021 12:43pm EST

“I just started following this gal and I’m telling you, she’s amazing! Every single quote she posts bolsters my spirit and self-worth. Her account inspires the hell out of me and is the perfect way to start my day. Oh and she makes me laugh too…a lot! Thank you Bonjour, Boss for this incredible show of support for all us ladies out here just trying to figure it out.”Katherine heigl, actor

Priscilla Kavanaugh had heard enough of the word “bossy” when she decided to launch her online store, Bonjour, Boss. Having worked for others in the fashion industry for years, Priscilla left that behind to pursue her dreams of starting a business of her own. As a self-proclaimed “Bravoholic” (a person who is mildly obsessed with all things Bravo TV), Priscilla’s final straw was when Kameron Westcott, The Real Housewives of Dallas, made a comment during Watch What Happens Live, where she called her co-star Dr. Tiffany Moon “bossy”. What came next was the launch of Bonjour, Boss, and Priscilla’s signature Boss-Not-Bossy line of apparel! The shop has only grown, having garnered the attention and praise from actor Katherine Heigl who says, “I just started following this gal and I’m telling you, she’s amazing! Every single quote she posts bolsters my spirit and self-worth. Her account inspires the hell out of me and is the perfect way to start my day. Oh and she makes me laugh too…a lot! Thank you @shopbonjourboss for this incredible show of support for all us ladies out here just trying to figure it out.”

Welcome to Confessional Magazine, I’m here today with the wonderful Priscilla Kavanaugh. Is that correct?

Yes, no relation to Brett.

Thank God, right? Priscilla owns the online store Bonjour, Boss, and it is all about female empowerment and helping others. Thank you so much for being here today, Priscilla.

Of Course! Thanks for having me.

So what gave you the idea to start this company?

I always wanted to open my own online store, but the concept nerer really clicked or made sense. A lot of Instagram accounts brand themselves and then merge, but I don’t have that kind of brand identification with my following. I just was hoping that lightning would strike one day, and I also always wanted to have some sort of social justice connection to whatever I did as well. One day, I saw a Watch What Happens Live clip of Kameron Westcott calling Tiffany Moon bossy among other things, and I commented, and I just said, “Can we just get rid of the term bossy?” I said, “You know, there’s a lot to unpack in this clip, but one of the things is, can we get rid of the word bossy? It only ever gets applied to women, and it’s an unfair label, and I never liked it.” It got picked up by @CommentsbyBravo, because Tiffany ended up responding, and it sort of came together in that moment that I wanted to create merchandise with the attempt to further the feminist conversation and get rid of the word bossy. Starting from day one, little girls are called bossy when they want things and I don’t want that for my daughter. So I got started right away, and I was so thankful that the stars aligned in the Bravo-universe.

Yeah, and then I know the first shirt that you put out says “BOSSY”, but then the Y is crossed out, and it’s just “BOSS”. You’re turning this negative connotation of bossy that gets attached mostly to successful and strong women. What other products do you offer in your store or plan on getting out there in the future?

Right now we have apparel in women’s, unisex, kids, and children’s sizes. We have some notebooks, mugs, and a tote bag that I love. We just expanded to add joggers as well. I want to see what else I can find for you the office and home that might be a little bit unique. I’m constantly always looking and actually, I haven’t announced this yet, but I am working with a jewelry designer out of Colorado, Lux + Luca, and we’re gonna do some really cool jewelry. That’ll be coming out soon and I’m really excited about that.

That is so exciting!

It’s handmade and sweat proof. It’s high quality but affordable, which is also kind of my thing. I’m a Marshalls and TJ Maxx lady for life, so I’m not out to break anyone’s bank account. The owner of Lux + Luca is a really cool chick and we found each other on Instagram. Our messaging was really in line with each other and it just fell together.

Oh, that’s awesome. That’s so great. How can people find you both on Instagram and anywhere else that they might possibly be looking to shop?

They can find the shops Instagram at @ShopBonjourBoss. My humor account that I started before that is @BonjourBitchesBlog, and the website, which you can shop find through Instagram now, will take you to the shop at .

So, you mentioned your humor account, which is how you and I connected through our love of Bravo TV and just humor and humor in reality and life in general. What is your story behind that account, because it has a massive and active following?

It surprised me too. I worked in the fashion industry for a long time, which is another reason I’m especially excited about starting a shop of my own. I left that about four years ago, and I wanted to become a writer and blogger, so I started a blog called Bonjour Bitches, that was just going to be about design, pop-culture, and humor. One day I realized, well, you know, I got to drive traffic, so why don’t I start an Instagram account? It turns out, I’m a kick-ass meme-Lord. It just sort of took on a life of its own and the blogging aspect fell to the wayside a little bit. I’m actually working on a new thing right now, but yeah, I don’t blog as much as I used to. That was originally going to be a writing portfolio of sorts. I’ve made a ton of great friends and connections, and it has really been empowering as far as finding my voice in marketing myself, and not giving any shits. It’s transferred into my real life, which is great. It’s been a great environment for me.

Yeah, and because you’re a mom, you can do all of this while still being present with your daughter, right?

I had someone ask me the other day how I I balance it all, and I just make sure I’m mindful of not always being on my phone and planning ahead. I treat it like a job and I am really honest with my daughter. She’s two and a half, but I’m really honest about what I’m doing. When I’m on my phone around her, I’m letting her know that I’m not on here because I’m entertaining myself instead of paying attention to you, mommy’s working, and then I put it away and come back to her.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s working and the content you get out there is so funny. Everybody definitely needs to follow Priscilla @BonjourBitchesBlog on Instagram. She’s always making people laugh and smile. Especially if you’re into reality TV or momming in life right now, this is the page that you need to check out.

One more thing I forgot to say, a portion of proceeds from items purchased from Bonjour, Boss will be donated to Dress for Success and other charities and efforts that benefit women in need.

Can you tell us about Dress for Success?

It’s an effort to help women empower themselves and be ready for a new career whether they’re starting over for whatever reason. May was Mental Health Awareness Month and I had a small capsule from March that was benefiting Project Blue Dot which is kind of a grassroots effort to help raise awareness and end the stigma that surrounds maternal mental health disorders. I just want to let people know that they can feel good about their purchases.

People do need to work together to end the stigma because at some level, we’ve all dealt with something, and we all need to become more empathetic and understanding that everyone is currently going or has gone through something, and it’s okay to not be okay.

That’s a great way to say it.

Priscilla, again, thank you! We appreciate you so much, and can’t wait to see where Bonjour, Boss goes. Everybody should go buy some merch, and remember: you’re not bossy, you’re a boss.

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