More to the Story: Adam Barta

By Taylor Harrington 2/18/2021 10:24am ET

Adam Barta

“Adam is an amazing friend and he has been so supportive of me for years. It is because of him that my #1 goal in life – to chart on Billboard – came true.”LOVARI

Adam Barta has been making a name for himself in the music industry for well over a decade, having four singles hit the Billboard Dance Charts. Barta has worked alongside greats like Margaret Cho, Lisa Lampanelli, and Lovari, and is often sought after for his talent and creative vision.

Howard Stern referred to Adam’s song with Tan Mom, “Free 2 Be Me”, as “the greatest song of all time”, leading the track to have over half a million views in its first two days.

I had previously spoke to Adam’s music producer Roman Molino Dunn, Electropoint, and he says,

“Adam is a very smart business person. He will make a song because he knows how he is going to get it out there to people.”Roman Molino Dunn, Electropoint

Sitting down to chat with Adam, I almost forgot the camera was rolling as we caught up and chat about the ins and outs of the REAL reality behind the reality TV world and how he has come so far in this industry.

What would you consider your “breakout” moment?

I’m just gonna go with my stream of consciousness here, but what popped in my head is that I remember my song was playing at Abercrombie & Fitch. Abercrombie & Fitch picked it up as part of their monthly music rotation. I’m sure anybody that worked in the store at that time up until this day knows the Abercrombie playlist. So it was the moment where I was like, Oh, my God, my friends are in the dressing room trying on their underwear and they’re hearing my song. It’s so cool, you know? It was like all across the country, it was really nifty.

You work a lot with Tan Mom, Patricia Marie. How did you meet her?

We actually met in 2013 through our manager at the time who introduced us. I was just recounting this memory with her of the night we met. It was some random restaurant in New Jersey and she was sloshed and there was paparazzi there and on the way home, she was just a mess in the car. I got home and I was like, I cannot do this. This is not for me. Here we are, seven years later, five songs later. I don’t know what happened. I really don’t know, but I will say this, she’s become one of my closest dearest friends. She’s really become like family.

Adam Barta and Tan Mom at Howard Stern
Adam Barta & Tan Mom at Howard Stern Show

The last year it seems like the universe put me with reality stars a lot, but I’m also cursed when it comes to reality because I’ve had so many opportunities to do reality TV projects that have fallen through. I can reveal exclusively that earlier this year Tan Mom and I were up for the show How Far is Tattoo Far? on MTV. We were actually at the final round of casting and then they just never got back to us. They ghosted us. I guess Tan Mom and I were not good enough to get nasty tattoos on us. The funny part was they had come up with these crazy disgusting tattoo ideas. I think at one point they were having me agree to have a skeleton throwing up in someone’s mouth while diarrhea was coming out and blood was exploding, and they wanted this tattooed on my chest. They were like, “it’s gonna be real and you can’t get it removed for three months until they film the reveal” or whatever. It was some crazy shit. But thank you God for not letting me get that because I probably would have regretted that one. Maybe? Maybe I would have.

If you could pick any one person to make a music video with, who would that be and what would the music video look like?

I would have to say RuPaul just because I’m an LGBT artist and influencer. For the music video, I’m thinking very futuristic. Like, RuPaul goes to Uranus and has a spacesuit on.

What can we know about your YouTube Channel and upcoming projects?

On my YouTube Channel, I’m going to engage with the audience because I really want people to tell me what they like seeing. I’m excited to not have to play by the rules of a network. I see YouTube as an untapped realm for reality TV. There’s so much reality TV on YouTube that we haven’t discovered, so I think that’s where I want to focus and bring more of a light to.

We’re going to be doing a lot of stuff with Mama June, my good friend, and I’m also going to work with my producer Electropoint on some songs. We’re writing a song for Mama June now, so hopefully, that will be out sometime next year.

To follow Adam: Instagram @adambarta & YouTube World of Adam Barta