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A Day at the Spa: Mirror Mirror Burlington, Vermont


By: Taylor Harrington & Michele Heintzelman 2/12/2021 3:11pm ET

Located in downtown Burlington Vermont, Mirror Mirror is an upscale salon, spa, and boutique that offers top luxury brands, with little counter pressure. Their “dream team” is made up of a group of fifteen individuals who have truly learned their art, and mastered their skills in the beauty world. Starting off on her own over eighteen years ago, owner Lindsay Chisholm is a true inspiration and her story is one made for the screens.

Speaking of screens, Mirror Mirror is located in the hometown of Bravo TV Network’s Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Galley Talk star Anastasia Surmava, who has been a long time customer of the boutique. Often times when Anastasia is back at home, you can catch her live streaming from Mirror Mirror as she gets everything from facials to makeovers.

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If you’re in Vermont or will be traveling there, you need to make sure and stop by 3 Main Street Suite 102 Burlington, VT, or their new 65,000 square foot beauty emporium opening in Stowe in April! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, they offer free shipping on purchases of their luxury brands over $75.00!

Mirror Mirror is a luxury salon and spa that offers everything your skin can ask for: makeup, spray tan, facials, and waxings.  The high-end HydraFacials at Mirror Mirror will no doubt leave your skin feeling brand new and completely clear.

Linsdsay Will Nastia

We got to sit down with Lindsay, the owner, Will, the manager, as well as our favorite Below Deck Med chef and stew Anastasia, and we’ve never felt more at home and completely comfortable. They treat everyone like friends and we are so excited for everyone to experience the amazing atmosphere they have created within their store. 

We had tons of laughs and so many great stories about what we, Michele our co-host included, as spa-techs encounter day to day, not to mention the highlight of the evening, meeting the salons’ very own four-legged assistants, Bronzer and Blush!

We’re here with Mirror Mirror salon and boutique and owner Lindsay Chisholm and manager Will Redford. Where is Mirror Mirror salon located?

We’re located in Downtown Burlington, Vermont. We’ve been here about 18 years.

What services does Mirror Mirror provide?

We have a full spa, we offer everything from HydraFacial massage, lash extensions,  spray tanning, hair, makeup, and wedding services. Lindsay’s being really modest. She started 18 years ago literally by herself in one room and has grown into carrying La Mer and the top stuff in the world.

Lindsay: Yeah, I put in my dues. Basically, we were in a smaller location and when people say, “Oh, I want to open a store”, they don’t realize cosmetics are hard. We’re kind of grandfathered in with these luxury brands. I think we have like 125 now but each one is a labor of love because they don’t want to sell to you, they want to sell to Neiman Marcus or  Saks where they can control the way you look and how you act. We carry Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, we’re kind of like a candy store of brands. We have the lines you’d find at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman, but we try to not have the counter pressure. It’s the anti-counter. It’s really more about education. A lot of the people that work here have worked for the brands before they started here.

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Any Bravo TV Network run-ins outside of Anastasia?

Natura Bissé, the only brand endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide, had an event called “Bubble Pure Air”. It’s a giant inflatable tent that’s filled with 99% pure air. Yeah. This event is huge. It’s like and we’re in the middle of it and Bravo calls us and says The Real Housewives of New Jersey want to come and visit us the next day and we had to sign a release and everything. I’m canceling all of our clients, getting permission from the company in Spain. And then they don’t show up. They get into a fight.

What else should we be on the lookout for from Mirror Mirror?

We just signed the lease for a new 6500 square foot Beauty Emporium in Stowe, the town where the Real Housewives of New Jersey went on the episode. It’s sink or swim this year, and we’re just choosing to go broke and roll the dice. The new location is 2038 Mountain Rd, Stowe, and we hope to open the doors of our second location on April 1st!

Anastasia, when did you start visiting Mirror Mirror?


I started coming to Mirror Mirror, I want to say in high school, because, yeah, it’s been a long time. I mean, I pretty much started when I began wearing makeup because we had Rite Aid, and who wants to buy their makeup there? We had Mirror Mirror if you wanted to get good skincare and makeup. I would have to save up my allowance a little bit if I want to get the nice stuff. This is just the best place to be. Obviously in college, you’re struggling a bit, but you still want to have a skincare routine, so I would come in here and be like, “Can I get a sample of this cleanser, this toner, this moisturizer”, and all these other things that I need. This place is just absolutely gorgeous. There is a Sephora here now, but even so, I wouldn’t go there over coming here. This place is just so much more fun and friendly.

You all need a reality show with all the wild stories you have!

Exactly. It’s like you are a therapist, someone’s counselor, and you’re trying to do your job and two seconds later, it’s like, “my husband’s been cheating”, and “he’s watching porn”. A problem with me is I get invested. I’m like a Gemini-mafia style, you know, I’ll be doing a Brazilian wax or something, and then all of a sudden they start telling me a story, and I’m invested.

Mirror Mirror
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Mirror Mirror is such a wonderful place to check out and learn to love and get to know the beautiful skin you’re born with.

Mirror Mirror Burlington, Vermont

3 Main St Suite 102, Burlington, VT 05401

Mirror Mirror Beauty Emporium Coming This Spring to Stowe, Vermont!

2038 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672

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